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Transfer Services

Whether you're an avid collector or just someone with a couple of old records and cassettes, but nothing to play them on, I'd like to offer you this opportunity to resurrect and preserve your collection, be it big or small! I offer a professional compact disc transfer service that will preserve your old vinyl and cassettes in the digital medium.

Included with the transfer service:

- Your album or cassette, transferred in its entirety, onto a compact disc. Each CD features track markers just like a factory released version would, with the name of the album printed directly onto the front of the disc (I never use labels on CDs) and comes in a CD envelope.


- Music restoration: Analog recordings tend to lose their crisp sound over time, but in most cases this can be corrected through a remastering process that is included with your purchase. Also, the clicks and pops you associate with old vinyl recordings can be entirely corrected, without damaging the original recording. There are, unfortunately, certain things that are beyond repair, such as warping, bleed-through (where sound from one side of a cassette can be heard on the opposite side) and excessive skipping or scratching. Should you send in a piece of music that is found to be beyond repair, you will not be charged for that item.

- MP3s: If you are also interested, your transfer includes MP3s of all of the tracks off of your album.

My pricing is set up on a per album charge, and does not include the price of return shipping. Return shipping charges can be found below.

$20 per album/cassette - includes printed CD in CD envelope (cassettes must be 60 minutes or less or they will be counted as multiple cassettes).

Return Shipping Rates:
Within the United States:
Media Mail:
1-5 LPs/Cassettes - $4.00
6-10 LPs/Cassettes - $6.00
11+ LPs/Cassettes - $8.00

Priority Mail:
Price varies by location and weight