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Movie Score Parade (Overtures, Themes & Main Titles):

1. Main Title (Riders Of Taramis) - Conan The Destroyer soundtrack

2. Main Title - King Kong Lives soundtrack

3. Main Title - The Yellow Rolls-Royce soundtrack

4. Main Title - Runaway soundtrack

5. Main Title - Batteries Not Included soundtrack

6. Main Title - Grizzly soundtrack

7. Main Title March - Superman II soundtrack

8. Overture - Windjammer soundtrack

9. Main Title - The Dove soundtrack

10. Prologue and Main Title - Watership Down soundtrack

11. Main Title - The Towering Inferno soundtrack

12. Champions Theme - Champions soundtrack

13. Overture - To Be Or Not To Be soundtrack

14. Main Title - Red Heat soundtrack

15. Main Title - The Manhattan Project soundtrack

16. Main Title - Harry And The Hendersons soundtrack

17. Main Title (Finding The Orca) - Jaws 2 soundtrack

18. Theme from An Unmarried Woman - An Unmarried Woman soundtrack

19. Main Title - Young Sherlock Holmes soundtrack