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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: If I buy an album or cassette from your website is there a charge to get the CD transfer included?

A: No, there no additional cost to receive the CD transfer.

Q: Is the sound quality really that great?

A: Absolutely, but you don't have to take my word for it! You can listen before you buy if you visit the Listen page or by sending an MP3 request to jay@svoundtrack.com.

Q: Will the CD transfer contain one long track?

A: No, all CD transfers feature tracks that coincide with the tracks from the original album.

Will your CD transfers be able to play in any CD player?

A: Yes! The CDs I produce will play in you CD player, you computer, your car stereo, etc.

Q: Will I be able to rip your CD and put it on my mp3 player?

A: Yes! Just like a store bought CD, my CDs are easily ripped to your computer and mp3 player.

Q: I have some albums I'd like to get transferred, how do I get started?

A: Please email me at jay@svoundtrack.com to set up your order.

Q: What forms of payment do you accept?

A: I can accept online payments through PayPal (which allows you to pay using your credit card or bank account). I can also accept checks and money orders.

Q: What does "Svoundtrack" mean?

A: Svoundtrack is simply the combination of two words: soundtrack, and my last name, Svoboda.

Still have a question? Please free free to email me any time.